MH Reynaud

Marie-Helene Reynaud Joanny

Marie-Helene Reynaud is an experienced SHIATSU and FOOT REFLEXOLOGY practitioner who uses an holistic approach to help enhancing the energy and relieving pain. She has experience in Yoga, Swedish Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Korean Amma, Bertherat Method, Doulas…

Marie-Helene Reynaud has mastered the skills of “écoute” - or the art of listening to the body-, fluidity, and continuity, to make each session a unique experience and an individualized treatment for each client.

As part of her continuing education, she follows the teachings of the prestigious Taoist monk Jeffrey Yuen in classical Chinese Medicine.

SHIATSU, Ohashi Institute, New York, 1989
FOOT REFLEXOLOGY, Laura Norman School, New York, 1986
New York State licensed in Massage Therapy, 1993
Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture, France 2005

Member of the Professional Organizations:
FFST, Fédération Française de Shiatsu Traditionnel
FFR, Fédération Française des Reflexologues
FNMTC, Fédération Nationale de Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise