Shiatsu, or “the art of well being”, has developed in Japan as a therapeutic art of touch. In Japanese, the word ‘Shiatsu”, means “finger pressure”. Based on a sensitive and energetic approach, Shiatsu is, specially in Japan and in the United States, an acknowledged therapy. Shiatsu fundamentals come from ancient knowledge in Chinese traditional medicine, acupuncture and philosophy.

Shiatsu is given by a practitioner during an individual session. Shiatsu uses a series of slow finger pressure and applies varying levels of pressure on the meridians and acupuncture points. In association to stretching, these points take effects as energy reservoirs, either empty or full.

Shiatsu contributes to the energy circulation in the meridians of the entire body. These meridians are in relation to vital organs and their energetic functions. Any energy flow disturbance provokes an imbalance which can be expressed by tensions and pains. Weariness, back pains, stress, shoulder tensions, stiffneck, headaches, digestive trouble, anxiety, sleeping problems… are some examples of energy disturbances which can be relieved with Shiatsu.

Shiatsu has also a harmonizing function. It has a beneficial and relaxing effects on functions of the body, such as the nervous, respiratory and immune systems…

A Shiatsu session is also the occasion to regain one’s ‘body outline’ within space, and to feel one’s physical and emotional individuality. Self-awareness and body-consciousness is a first step towards a better health. Shiatsu is a privileged way to well-being.

The main principle for oriental health is to maintain the natural balance of the body and mind. Shiatsu is a practice that enhances health upkeeping and prevention, even more efficient when practiced on a regular basis as a real lifestyle. Positive results and benefits can be noticed after a single session, but they are as long-lasting as regularly practiced.

Marie-Hélène Reynaud Joanny has had the privilege to study Zen Shiatsu with the Japanese Master, Ohashi, himself student of Master Masunaga in Japan. The Shiatsu she practices is harmonious and based on listening and respect. Fluidity and continuity are characteristic elements of her know-how.

In addition to her qualifications as practitioner and instructor, she has enlarged her experience learning other body care techniques: Foot reflexology, Swedish Massage, Corean Amma, Yoga, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Acupuncture…. Her intention is to promote in France the discovery and the use of Shiatsu as a daily life practice and as bases for other methods of self-improvement.

Marie-Hélène Reynaud Joanny is a Shiatsu practitioner and instructor in Marseille

PS: As much as Shiatsu is beneficial, it may not be substituted nor to a medical examination or to any medical follow-up.

© août 2000, MH Reynaud / JY Joanny.