They said


“I’ve never been sleeping so well since I get Shiatsu sessions” Catherine L.

“Shiatsu is the most relaxing thing I’ve ever experienced” Lionel

“During my Shiatsu session, I feel I understand many things without judging, simply. After the session I feel cleaned out from the inside” Dominique

“After my Shiatsu session, I felt a burden had been taken away…” Danièle

“Shiatsu is an art in itself, I had the feeling to be sculpted” Frédérique

“I emptied of all my day anguish. This Shiatsu is like going on vacation. It is regenerative.” Véronique

“After shiatsu, it is as if my neck had never been sore” Jacqueline B.

“Shiatsu cannot be compared to any other body care methods I had received before, it simply hits the mark” Hélène

“This Shiatsu session has been a revelation of feelings. Each one of your finger pressures is a benefit to me”. Barabara R.

After a few sessions, I was more open to my feelings in my body, c’est formidable!” Mme L.

“Thanks to shiatsu, I recover my body”. Sandrine

“Shiatsu with Marie-Hélène is a unique and exceptional experience, difficult to word out. Same for foot reflexology”. Nicolas.

Réflexologie Plantaire

“My feet are jumping for joy!” “My feet feel like they have expanded!” Mark H.

“I have wings on my feet after my foot reflexology session” Dominique G.

“Marie-Hélène’s shiatsu and foot reflexology is precise and creative, attentive and in resonance with my inner harmony” Lauren

“Foot reflexology is both thorough and subtle. There is a movement I love and I would call ‘spread out your foot wings’” Caroline

“After my first foot reflexology session, my feet had become so present that they had become the center of my thoughts. I was living and thinking feet” Yann

“My first foot reflexology session: Marie-Hélène hands are magical, they create worlds of gentleness and unexpected slitherings. Suddenly I realize she has only touched my first foot. Overwhelmed with all these strong sensations, I am afraid not to be able to hold on long enough. There still is the other foot to be done. Time expands as well as the life of my feet. When the sessions ends, I am deeply and completely moved. Top and bottom have met. Puzzled, I look down : Now I do have feet” Françoise J.

“As Marie-Hélène was working on my right foot, I could feel phantom pain relief in my left amputated limb” Nicole

“It’s amazing, magnificent…” Claude

“I can feel my feet, I can feel my body, foot and body awakening and awareness!”
Jacqueline M.